Deciphering the Stock Market

24 Sep Posted by in Techical Analysis | Comments
Deciphering the Stock Market

There is always considerable “chatter” on the fundamental front, concerning the news of the day, its impact on the stock market, and where the best investments are to be found.

As we enter the fall, the noise is especially clamorous this year in light of the upcoming election. Typically its confusing enough, without the added political events, which can serve to introduce even greater challenges to the analysis of the market, and hopefully to the selection of profitable situations. Technical analysis, in conjunction with market timing can often cut through the “chatter” and more clearly isolate where the market is, in objective terms, as well as where its most likely to go. In this webinar, I will elucidate the results of my most resent projections for the market, and discuss the strategies most likely to succeed in exploiting such.

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