“Extraordinary Popular Delusions”

“Extraordinary Popular Delusions”

This coming Saturday, I’ll give a webinar. The theme of this presentation will I hope, outline the informational spaces between different markets(AKA, inter-market analysis). Considering the behavior, of the reaction space, between one market and another, sometimes allows one to infer something about either one or both of the boundary markets. My approach in acquiring any information about any market (that I might use for potentially profitable purposes) is always indirect at best. This is why, no matter what analytical approach a trader uses, the outcome of the analysis, by itself is insufficient to procure consistent edge. One could read score upon score of trading books and manuals, and I’ll bet you still won’t trade like George Soros.

Given that the uncertainty principle applies to markets, I may assume that no matter what model, method,system, or relationship is seized in an effort to obtain some insight about a market, the information will always be incomplete. “Give all your nights to the study of Talmud and your days to shooting from the hip”, therefore is a concept applicable to apprehending an imperfectly understood system.  Unless and until you as an observer/trader possess perfect knowledge of the market you are observing, then you will always be learning about the market in an indirect manner. Thus the need for the never-ending perusal of systems, methods and ideas. A small segment of  the myriad spectrum of possible relationships, and ideas, is what I’ll be discussing during my upcoming presentation. I’ll also point out explicit trade scenarios, which follow from these current relationships. However profitable these trades may be, they won’t by themselves make you a better trader. A losing trader can do little to transform himself into a winning trader. A losing trader is not going to want to transform himself. That’s the kind of thing winning traders do. In fact, it is the allowance for transformation(of all that one has learned) which triggers the jump essential to speculative success.

Tune in to my webinar, this Saturday, July 12  at 9:00 A.M. Pacific Time, and learn about specific inter-market situations I will be exploiting.


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