Is $1,000 a Day a Realistic Trading Goal?

Is $1,000 a Day a Realistic Trading Goal?


Pacific Trading Academy proudly presents the first of a 2-part series by 30-year trading veteran, “Mentor” Mike Bridges:

“To Make A GRAND-A-DAY, Follow the RED, WHITE & BLUE”

Wednesday, August 27, 2:30pm Pacific / 5:30pm Eastern

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Mike calls his specially selected students “GADGET, “an acronym for his GRAND-A-DAY GROUP of EMINI TRADERS.  Who qualifies to join GADGET?  Here is a short test.

Quick! Name the colors in the American flag.  Did you say, “Red, white and blue in that specific order?”  If so, your brain is already programed to use Mike’s totally simple yet thoroughly effective color-coded “momentum modules.”  Mike day trades the S&P Emini but his small box of familiar, time-tested tools can be used in any market and on any time frame.

At first blush, Price appears as a continuous flow of random movement.  Mike will show you a quick, step-by-step process for filtering out the highest-probability trades from amidst the irrelevant static and noise.

Imagine the ideal long trade.  Mike’s “Trend-Defining” moving average will show you instantly and accurately when the trend is up.  Then, his faster “Swing-Definer” MA can confirm a rally is imminent.  And, when the “momentum module” displays the unmistakable red, white and blue alignment from the bottom up, it’s time to get long.

Mike will show you exactly how to apply his technique.  He will show you the results it has repeatedly produced for him and his students in his live, Tuesday/Thursday TRADING ROOM.  Then, he will tell you how the registrants for this presentation can join him in the TRADING ROOM for a FULL MONTH for only $9.95.

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All registrants for this presentation will receive priority notice of the soon-to-be-announced date and time of Part 2 of this series, “To Make a GRAND-A-DAY, start with a FREE TRADE.”  Mike will reveal the details of his proprietary multi-contract, multi-target “peeling-off” money management strategy that begins with a “Free Trade.”  That is where a portion of the position is “peeled off” at the first target and earns sufficient profit to pay the transaction costs of the entire position.  Full upside potential remains while the chances of a losing trade have been dramatically reduced.

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