July 4th Marks the Spot for the Stock Market

July 4th Marks the Spot for the Stock Market


To paraphrase W.D. Gann, a market will not do, what its going to do, unless and until it’s time has come. This concept is central to my investment and trading philosophy.

Recently, I pointed out in a webinar that the first step I take to locate  a good trade is to establish a time grid. By time grid I mean points in the future which are projected

to be markers of change, with greater than average odds. Once I’ve acquired some confidence in these future points, I check my wave count, to see if  it fits my time grid.

If the wave description, makes sense in the context of the projected time targets, I’ll watch out for additional alignments, such as divergence and  price and time squares.

Curiously, certain cycles impacting the U.S. equity markets, happen to converge next week on July 4th. Since the market is closed for the holiday, I’ll attempt to get some

strategic advantage, by getting positioned no later than Tuesday (07/03). The intersection of the 1×8 Gann angle descending from the May 5th top, with the 1×1 angle ascending

from June 4th (as seen in the accompanying diagram), focuses a time/price block, ripe for reversal.

Please click on the chart below to make it larger.

GANN Angle Projection

During my next scheduled presentation on July 10, I’ll indicate future trade entry opportunities, and the process I go through to identify them.


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