June results for Mentor Mike’s Live Trading Room. Vacation break.

June results for Mentor Mike’s Live Trading Room.  Vacation break.

This Market Movie features a recap of the actual, real-time trades taken by me during the month of June, 2013.  You can begin to use my peeling-off money management strategy with just three contracts.  To show what the potential could be, I began trading with three contracts and a $3,000 account at the start of June.  For every $1,000 of profit earned, I added a contract.  For every $1,000 lost, I deleted a contract.  If my contracts dropped below three, I replenished capital and started again with three.  As of month end, my net profit for June is $5,179.00.  I will withdraw one-third to enjoy (as I recommend to my students) and retain the rest to continue to grow the account.  So, when I trade again, I’ll be starting with my original $3,000, plus profit of $3,452.67 and trading 6 ES contracts.

All Figures Are Net of Transaction Costs

It has come to my attention that some people still think my trading figures do not include transaction costs even though I have stated on multiple occasions that they do.  So, let me clarify yet again:  ALL PROFIT & LOSS FIGURES SHOWN IN THIS AND EVERY MARKET MOVIE, STATIC CHART IMAGE OR WEBINAR, AND WHETHER DEPICTING REAL-TIME TRADES OR MARKET REPLAYS, INCLUDE AND ARE NET OF, TRANSACTIONS COSTS OF $6.00 PER CONTRACT WHICH IS THE ACTUAL ROUND-TURN, ALL-INCLUSIVE TRANSACTION COST CHARGED TO MY CORPORATE CTA ACCOUNT. 

My Summer Vacation

The Trading Room and Education Room will be closed while I am on vacation during the month of July.  Currently, I plan to return on Monday, August 5, 2013.

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