Mentor Mike’s Market Movie for 4/24/12

Mentor Mike’s Market Movie for 4/24/12


In Mentor Mike’s Market Movies I re-trade about 8 hours of market movement in the S&P Emini in 20 to 30 minutes. When I see a trade setup, I pause the accelerated data feed, identify the entry signals and place the trade on Ninja Trader’s demo platform. Then, I restart the data feed and see how the trade plays out, win or lose.

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Webinar Video Link

If you missed last Saturday’s “Go for the Gold” webinar, you can watch the video by clicking the link below. You will learn a lot of tips and tricks that will help you better understand what I’m doing in these daily market replays, so I strongly recommend you give it a look. Here’s the link:

Replay Scoreboard

ES 6-12: 14 wins / 0 losses, and +$1,450.00 net.

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Mentor Mike's Market Movie


 Today’s Chart

The trades shown here were taken during my regular, real-time trading. Please click on the chart below to make it larger.  NOTE: the numbers on today’s chart are not counting Elliott Waves.  They are labeling Ken Roberts-style 1-2-3 tops and bottoms.  These reversal patterns were originally called “failure swings” by Charles Dow because Point #3 would fail to exceed Point #1 thus marking a turn in a new direction.
Chart #1

Today’s 2-minute ES chart

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