Mentor Mike’s Market Movie for 6/27/12

Mentor Mike’s Market Movie for 6/27/12


In Mentor Mike’s Market Movies I re-trade about 8 hours of market movement in the S&P Emini in 20 to 30 minutes. When I see a trade setup, I pause the accelerated data feed, identify the entry signals and place the trade on Ninja Trader’s demo platform. Then, I restart the data feed and see how the trade plays out, win or lose.

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Replay Scoreboard

Trading 189 contracts of the ES 9-12 for 7 wins / 0 losses, and +$59,062.50 net; cumulative for June: $245,112.50. NOTE: Throughout the month of June, we will add a contract for each $1,000 of profit earned. We started with 3 contracts on June 1st. Next time, we will be trading 248. So, stick around and see how many contracts and how much profit there will be by the end of the month, THIS FRIDAY! It will definitely be interesting.

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Mentor Mike's Market Movie

Today’s Chart

The trades shown here were taken during my regular, real-time trading. Please click on the chart below to make it larger.
Chart #1

Today’s 3-minute ES chart

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