Mentor Mike’s Next Webinar: “POV & RWB;” latest screen captures

Mentor Mike’s Next Webinar: “POV & RWB;”  latest screen captures

Next Webinar

Before I developed my “PRICE, OSCILLATOR & VOLUME” trading method, I called my technique “HOORAY FOR THE RED, WHITE & BLUE.”  Watch as I reveal my latest and most effective combination to date.  See how my students and I are doing in my Live Trading Room. And, learn how to become a member of MENTOR MIKE’S GRAND-A-DAY GROUP. Saturday, March 22, 2014, 9am to 10am Pacific Time Register at this link:

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Mike extends an invitation to all fellow traders to get on his emailing list to receive the same trading updates he sends to his students every Monday through Thursday.  Send your request to be included to  There is no cost or obligation.

Last Night’s and Today’s S&P Emini Live Charts

Here are screen captures of today’s ES charts showing my live and Trading Room trades I took using my POV technique.  Please click on the chart below to make it larger.  Chart #1

Chart #1



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