Mentor Mike’s REAL-TIME Video Trading Room for Friday, 8/8/14

Mentor Mike’s REAL-TIME Video Trading Room for Friday, 8/8/14

ONCE AGAIN, I earned over $1,000 in trades captured on REAL-TIME VIDEO.

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Saturday, August 9, 2014, 9am – 10am Pacific Time

Mathematics is the universal language.  If we were suddenly confronted with sentient extraterrestrial beings, numbers would be the first place we would find common ground for communication.

Trading is all about numbers.  But, maybe you didn’t do so well in math back in school.  No problem.  Mentor Mike Bridges will give you valuable tips you can use immediately in your own trading to put math to work for you in all these vital areas:

  • Increasing indicator reliability by sharing numerical parameters
  • Finding areas of support and resistance where prices naturally reverse
  • Setting reachable profit targets based on volatility
  • Trailing protective stops at the optimal distance using momentum
  • Finding the perfect “External Metrics” you can rely on without second guessing
  • Understanding your transaction costs and the real “breakeven” point
  • Building a “Free Trade” with minimal risk and full upside potential maintained
  • Growing your account without fear using “systematic de-sensitization”

All registrants will be entered in a raffle to win one free month in Mentor Mike’s live Trading Room open  every Tuesday and Thursday from 7am to 12 noon Pacific time.

Mike’s presentations are nearly always full, so mark your calendar and register NOW at this link:


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