Mentor Mike’s Screen Capture Update for Monday, 12/16/13, and Why I Mentor Other Traders

Mentor Mike’s Screen Capture Update for Monday, 12/16/13, and Why I Mentor Other Traders

These screen captures update my personal S&P Emini trading progress through Monday, 12-16-13.  Sunday night’s score: 1 – 0 and $918.00 net.  Today’s score: 5 – 1 and $2,358.00 net; cumulative score: 112 – 5 and $48,063.00 net.  I will begin trading 51 contracts next time.

Why I mentor other traders

After Saturday’s webinar I received an email from an attendee who asked why I bother to mentor others if I can do so well trading my own account.  What follows is my reply to him:

Those of us who are lucky enough to do something we love for a living, don’t stop doing it when we get rich.  Ever heard of Larry Williams?  In 1987 he won the Worldcup Championship of Trading by turning $10,000 into $1.2 million in a year, a record that stands to this day.  Larry has been one of the most prolific authors and trading mentors ever since.  Why?  Because he loves the game and loves sharing his good fortune with others, as do I.

Perhaps you’ll recall me saying during the webinar that I intend to participate in the Worldcup in 2015.  My goal is to win and break Larry’s record.  To do that, I have to slowly desensitize myself to the stress of big money trading.  My personal best to date is 160 ES contracts and a one-day profit of just under $30K.  It will take more than that to beat Larry.  So, I keep training.  When the time comes, my students will give me their psychological support.

Call 800-339-8588 for info on my mentoring course.  Thanks for the email.  Your question is totally valid and has been asked before.  I hope I answered it to your satisfaction.

Today’s S&P Emini Chart

Here is a screen capture of today’s ES chart showing the real-time trades I took using my POV technique.  Please click on the chart below to make it larger.  Chart #1

Chart #1


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