Mentor Mike’s TRADING ROOM for Thursday, 7/10/14

Mentor Mike’s TRADING ROOM for Thursday, 7/10/14

Fellow Traders:


In today’s TRADING ROOM, we were definitely the Grand-A-Day Group of Emini Traders.  We ended our session with a very respectable score of $1,459* (*net of transaction costs of $6/contract).


I had to revise yesterday’s EW count when I saw that the market was gapping down over 20 points.  But, the market’s slow and steady climb back up gave us several conservative trading opportunities.  I topped my GADGET goal in my personal account around 9:30am PDT.


I have some business out of the office tomorrow.  My wife’s birthday is on Saturday and our wedding anniversary is on Sunday.  So, I might not be able to trade much, or put out an email update tomorrow.  If that’s the case, have a great weekend and we’ll see you all back in the TRADING ROOM next Tuesday.


Michael K. Bridges,President


Futures and Forex Trading & Instruction

Today’s Charts

Here are today’s screen captures.  They may include my personal chart, the TRADING ROOM demo platform, charts submitted by students and/or my running intraday Elliott Wave count in the S&P Emini.  Please click on a chart to make it larger. 

Chart #1

Chart #2

Chart #3

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