Mentor Mike’s Webinar Video: “Follow the Red, White & Blue to Go for the Gold”

Mentor Mike’s Webinar Video: “Follow the Red, White & Blue to Go for the Gold”

Join “Mentor” Mike Bridges for his most comprehensive and revealing webinar ever:


He’ll be covering the following topics and more:

The “Trend-Defining Moving Average:” Price is like a pendulum swinging back and forth in constant oscillation.  There is a zone within the pendulum’s arc in between the turning points at either end.  Sometimes the pendulum is moving toward the zone, sometimes it’s moving away from it.  The Trend-Definer is at the price’s in-between zone.  But, unlike the pendulum’s it isn’t always in the exact middle of the arc.  Frequently its position is closer to one turning point than the other by some Fibonacci ratio.  And, like the movement of the pendulum, toward and away from its in-between zone, the price moves toward the Trend-Definer (an “Outside-In” trade), or away from the Trend-Definer (an “Inside-Out” trade).

The “Directional MA Trio:” How do we confirm if the price is moving “Inside-Out” or “Outside-In?” By the alignment of the red, white and blue “Directional Moving Average Trio.”  Most of us are already programmed to think of those three colors in that specific order.  If they align from bottom up, the market is bullish; if they align from the top down, the market is bearish.  If the alignment is moving toward the Trend-Definer, it’s an Outside-In trade; if it’s moving away, the trade is Inside-Out.

The “Peeling-Off Strategy:” Once in a trade, we never know if we will get a long ride or a short one, and we have to make a profit either way.  The “Peeling-Off Strategy” provides the best method for covering both potential outcomes.  But, how do we set targets, and trail stops?  Either we allow our emotions to dictate our actions or, we trust the mathematics of market movement.  Two technical tools from the fertile mind of Welles Wilder are perfect for these two critical elements of money management: the Average True Range for setting targets, and the Parabolic SAR for trailing stops.

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