Will Gold Regain Its Luster ?

Will Gold Regain Its Luster ?

Since the bottom at the end of last year, gold prices have been steadily rising. This has prompted much discussion related to a new bull market in the metals having already commenced.

My analysis suggests that gold is still in a correction. I might refer to the rally in gold prices since the December 31, 2013 bottom, as just that, a rally, but a rally still within a bear market. Granted the bear market is getting old, with limited time left. More precisely, data analysis indicates the market to be in the final stages of a long term C wave that began at the market top of October 4, 2012. This C wave, is itself a part of the larger A-B-C correction which began at the September 9, 2011 top. Time projection analysis suggests the market will turn on February 19, 2014. I expect gold prices to decline into that time point.

An optimal scenario, would be for the market to take out the June 28, 2013/December 31, 2013 double bottom by this projected time target, and thereby clear out the stops held by current longs. A subsequent time target is projected for April 18, 2014. I suspect this could corrospond with the end of what could mark an initial leg of a long term bull wave.

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